How much does "Smart House" system cost?

Very often our clients ask, and how much is your "Smart House"?
Let's try to explain. This is the same as asking a builder how much it costs to build a house? Any manager will ask you several questions at once:
- What is home? Of what materials? Technical equipment?
Almost the same things with Smart or Intelligent House.
The final project cost is determined after a detailed discussion of all the necessary functions, making the full Terms of Reference (TOR), the design and definition of equipment.
It should be remembered that the "Smart House" - is not only a beautiful toy, as a functional management system that allows you to efficiently expend energy resources, monitor the status of life-support systems.

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Facility Rooms Class
Remote access to the system
The ability to remotely control the system via phone, smartphone, tablet or computer through the Internet and telephone network
Data encryption and the change key
Connection to the Smart Home over a secure channel eliminates unauthorized access
Distributed Logic
Home Automation components interact with each other without a central server. This increases the reliability and fault tolerance of the whole system.
Notification (smartphone, tablet, e-mail)
Flexible configurable notification system provides an opportunity to learn about developments in smart house convenient for you (using the phone, email, etc.)
The application for the management of the system (Android, iOS, Windows)
You can manage your Smart home using iPad, iPhone, and devices running Windows and Andrioid
Access rights
Users or groups of users of the system can have different access to different functions Smart House. For example, parents have access to heating control or video surveillance in some areas, and children do not have such access.
Interface in Russian / Ukrainian / English
The software can be configured to use the user interface of the three languages ​​(Ukrainian, Russian, English).
Maintain statistics
The system collects data (meter readings, events in the system and so on.). There are tools of statistics, output tables and graphs.
Custom settings
Ability to self-change certain user settings system (automation, scripting, snap switches, type icons)
Pre-programmed behavior Smart House as a reaction to certain events (by pressing the button until the porinyatogo based on the status of sensors).
Multifunction keys
A key switch can perform different actions depending on how many times you press it
Alerting the user using SMS / MMS-messages and voice calls. The ability to control the system using the voice menu from a regular phone.
Visual Management
Use pictures and diagrams of objects (rooms, courtyard, etc.) to render smart home control.
Lighting schemes
The ability to customize and memorize different combinations of light sources, the brightness and color
Snap switches
Flexible configuration of connections between the components of Smart House, such as the switch and light groups or script.
Lighting Automation
Smart house controls lighting according to defined scenarios guided by the testimony of sensors such as light sensors, motion detectors, etc.
Dimmable lighting management
Brightness control of lighting gives the ability to customize the lighting scheme in the room with the most comfortable level.
Manage RGB / LED backlight
Change the color palette for each light source realizes not only static color schemes, but also is used in interesting dynamic scenarios. Examples of such scenarios can be "Chromotherapy".
Management blinds / shutters
The function of opening and closing of blinds and roller shutters can be used in different scenarios. You can also manually control the motorized curtains using a tablet.
Smooth change the illumination color and brightness in different parts of the room creates a favorable environment for relaxation.
The script I came I left
With the arrival of the tenants, smart house, depending on pre-existing conditions, can control the lighting (for example, include one or another group of light depending on the light level. When the occupants leave the house, all the lights can be turned off, or possibly turn on emergency lighting.
ОLandscape lighting
Smart house controls landscape lighting using different scripts. Competent landscaping, combined with skilful use of modern lighting technology does not leave anyone indifferent.
Separate climate zones (day and night schedule)
Separation of the interior zones to maintain different temperatures depending on the time of day.
Profiles heating
Installation of thermal modes depending on the presence-absence of tenants. For example, lowering the temperature on vacation or weekend when the house is empty for several days, or warming up the day before returning
Individual or group control of heating zones
The level of detail of climate parameters (temperature, humidity, etc.) may vary depending on the needs of the residents. One can control the microclimate in each room and to combine them into a groups or zones
Alerts emergency situations
There are warning of emergency situations in the climate system (shutdown of the boiler, overheating, off the air conditioner, etc.)
The climate control system
Automatic adaptive control heating and air conditioning, depending on the sensor readings.
Management of air conditioning, ventilation, heating radiators, underfloor heating, fan coil units
Connecting multiple devices, responsible for home climate system Home Automation with centralized control.
The interaction of several climatic systems
Simultaneous flexible use of different kinds of weather systems makes it possible to optimally use resources and time
Control of temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide
Widespread use of temperature, humidity, CO2, etc. It makes automated climate control in the rooms more flexible.
Systems melting of snow and de-icing
During winter ice critical to the safe operation of the house areas. De-icing and snow melting system is designed to identify and eliminate unsafe accumulations of ice and snow.
Weather station + Forecast
The collection and delivery of information about the weather conditions outside (temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed, rainfall and etc.)
Multimedia Control technology
Script "Cinema"
By clicking on a single button turns on DVD, projector, receiver, screen descends, closing the curtains and the lights go smoothly
Universal Remote
The ability to manage multiple appliances from a single console (smartphones, tablets). For example, such devices: TV, DVD, Reciver, Tuner, projector, satellite receiver, etc.
Manage motorized projector screen
The ability to control a motorized projector screen can be used as a script "Cinema" and manually using the tablet.
Separate audio zone
The distributed audio system achieves optimum use of the opportunity to share their sound space of the house into zones. Possible options for arbitrary sound output zones.
Play music from different sources
As a source of sound can be used: a media server, DLNA-server, Internet radio, etc.
Video playback on devices that support DLNA
The ability to output audio to external devices, which are DLNA-play support. For example: TV, media center
Wireless broadcast audio and video content from Apple devices to HD-TV and dynamics realized through the function AirPlay
Output audio alerts
Smart Alert System is capable of outputting audio messages of different content. Alerts can be shirokoveschatelnyim or address (into the room where someone has). Examples of messages can serve as information uncovered window or motion is detected within the protected area.
"Smart Entry Phone" with remote access
The signal on the visit visitor can be passed as a special control and the mobile device (eg tablet). For video and / or audio contact can be used as GSM telephony and the Internet. It may also be carried out statistics about visitors in the form of audio / video / photo recordings. Access to statistics or automatic notification of visitors is also realized through the Internet and SMS / MMS
Tracking the sound
Switching sound zones, depending on the movement of people on the premises
Two-way voice communication between rooms in a house or apartment using intercom keys or tablet
Underwater System "multiroom" for the pool
The ability to play in the pool under water media content (sounds and music) stored on the media server, the Internet and other digital sources.
The script "Morning"
In this script, all the features Smart House used to create a comfortable environment for the occupants of the morning at home. The implication lighting, sound information about the weather, sound, possible to provide temperature conditions, etc.
The script "Romance"
Using this script Smart home will reduce the brightness of the main light, turn on the desired color-light environment, lose the pre-selected tunes.
The script "Fireplace"
Along with the reduction in brightness on the TV screen displays the video image of a burning fireplace with a blazing sound or smoldering logs
Smart alarm clock
Scenario equipment intended to be the most comfortable awakening of man. Manage your sound environment (increase in volume, the melody), the management of the scheme and the position of the light curtains, the choice of indoor temperature, etc.
Video surveillance
Recording by events
Depending on current events might include video and photo recording, messaging, and information in this way, and much more.
Remote preservation video
Video surveillance system provides the ability to record photos and videos to any available server on the Internet
Analog and IP camera with remote viewing
The video surveillance system of Smart home can be built on the basis of analog cameras with DVR and IP-based cameras. Occurring events and a recorded video can be viewed remotely using the Internet.
Control cameras with PTZ
Modern CCTV cameras can support PTZ control. PTZ - an abbreviation of pan, tilt and zoom (pan, tilt, zoom).
The intellectual surveillance
The video surveillance system of Smart House control the change of the position of objects in the rooms and surrounding areas using a variety of sensors and analyzing change the image in the chambers. When triggered a specific sensor, camera can turn to the source of the event, focus on it, and start broadcasting or record video.
Turn off camera mode ("All of our")
A video surveillance system has the function of disconnecting the camera, just in case, and in those rooms, where and when it is required tenants.
Control of water leaks, gas leaks
System control leakage of water and gas leaks alert you about the accident and will block the flow of water or gas, if possible
Access Control System
The security system can distinguish between access to various rooms using combination locks. As access identifiers can act magnetic card, fingerprint reader or retina of the eye, code keyboard, etc.
Presence simulation
The system can simulate your presence - turn on/off the light, close/open the curtains to include a dog barking, and others sounds
Security System
The full-featured security system that includes multiple protection circuits with separate control, send an alarm to the control of the owner and the house, including a sound and light alarm.
Control the engineering systems
Control of engineering systems, such as heating and water supply. In the case of emergency situations, smart house turn on the alert system.
Power supply control
Partial or complete power outage of outlets or outlet groups. This can be done both with remote or remotely using the Internet or SMS.
Accounting for the consumption of electricity, water, gas, thermal energy
Smart home can help in cost accounting to electro-gas-water-heat consumption. It collects data from various metering and individual counters. The software allows you to join the data in the spreadsheets and charts for any time interval.
Landscape Systems
Irrigation system
Irrigation system not only can water the garden or vegetable garden on the schedule, but also to do so in accordance with the analysis of the weather conditions. For example, in rainy weather to cancel the planned irrigation.
Landscape lighting
Smart house controls landscape lighting using different scenarios. Competent landscaping, combined with skilful use of modern lighting technology does not leave anyone indifferent.
Engineering Systems
Controlling power settings
Measurement and storage of electrical parameters of the statistics, such as voltage, power consumption, frequency, active / reactive load, etc.
Control of UPS systems
The system monitors the battery level, the level of consumption in emergency power possibilities of switching modes of operation, a decision on starting or stopping the generator
Management of diesel / gasoline generator
As part of the UPS systems, diesel generator is automatically controlled. Run\Stop generator warming, access to the desired operating mode, load management, all this is done automatically
Systems Management of pool
Control modes in water filtering based on time, temperature control and water level regulation level PH
Management of the water supply system
Controlling the water supply systems with different designs storage tanks. Alert in case of emergency situations.
Management of the systems of environmental generation of energy
Control systems of solar panels and wind power generators, electric control of the charge level of the batteries and the time of their connection to the mains
Managing complex climate control systems
Coordinate sharing of different climatic systems, such as heat exchange systems and thermal energy (gas and solid boilers, heat pumps, elektroogrevateli, floor heating, fan coil units, etc.).
Lightning protection system
Installation of an integrated system of lightning protection in compliance with all safety standards
Monitor the status of the aquarium
Temperature Control, PH, alert in the case the parameters of range
Management vacuuming iRobot
Management of robotized vacuum system commands using the remote control
Management of animal feeders
Remote control and automated feeders and drinking bowls for pets
Smart Home provides the ability to manage gates and shutters using panels, tablets, phones. Open and close the gate can be remotely using an Internet connection
Automation kitchen hood
The system monitors sensor readings of temperature and humidity in the kitchen and, if necessary, turn on air fan.
Automation of the hoods in the bathroom
The enabling the exhaust fan in the bathroom can occur at higher levels of humidity, or a signal of the motion sensor
Watering system of houseplants
Caring for house plants is manifested in the use of adaptive system of watering and irrigation uses humidity and temperature sensors.
Sauna management
The Smart House system to prepare the sauna in advance as scheduled or on command transmitted remotely

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