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What is a «Smart House»?

This house, which guesses your needs, knows your habits, and does everything that you are surrounded by comfort and convenience.
Smart home can seem like a luxury whim, but in fact intelligent systems management for the home provides a tremendous savings of resources.
Smart House - a system that includes complex hardware and software system that is responsible for automating the internal systems of the premises. Why is this important? And how convenient? Together to investigate this, we invite you to a small tour of the modern "intelligent home"!
Functions of a smart home are numerous , let's get acquainted with them.
Total per call , and your house will work for you.
System capabilities are limited only by your desire and imagination.

How much is the "Smart House"?

You can also get an indicative price, use our calculator.

Why is our «Smart House» better than others?

We're not saying that we - the best. We just tell you how easy and convenient to work with us: we will advise you on any questions, advise functions that may have just your Smart House, will provide a personal manager, whose responsibilities include the maintenance and consultation on the draft 24 a day.
We will draw up an estimate, it will explain each point that you realize what you pay for the money.
You have the ability to control every step of the installation process.
After installation is complete, we check it together to make sure the system works the way you want it.

Pluses of the «Smart House»:

  • High reliability
  • Manage all functions without exception - with one panel
  • Changes and additions to the system - without prejudice to its work
  • Only the best and highest quality components
  • Super modern touchscreen panels from Apple
  • Fits perfectly into the interior
  • Reasonable price
  • Any your fantasy to us under the power!



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